InfoUniv invites you to experience the InfoUniv Mindweaver Labs, a unique IT lab environment which provides stupendous energy,zeal and creativity in your mind towards fulfilling your learning goals. InfoUniv Mindweaver Labs is one of the best in the country in terms of facility,aesthetics,comfort,speed and endless energy. Fasten your seatbelt and drive into a Lab which promises to take you to the next level.
  • Super Fast PC's, NoteBooks and NetBooks with the best configuration are thrown into the Lab.Choose any one of the mean Machine and take your computing curriculum to a mission to be accomplished
  • Super Fast Internet Connectvity.Search your stuff or download whitepapers in lightening speed and complete assignments fast.
  • Interactive Learning Digital Boards with Blue Tooth Connectivity which enables you to learn realtime and take back class notes home in electronic formal.You can write,share and save work notes in a seamless digital environment.
  •  High Resolution Projector not only enhances the quality of learning and class delivery, it also allows you to get groomed and develop multimedia based presentations on your technical/functional skills and be more job and industry ready for those crucial interviews.
  •  Ergonomically soft chairs that provides lumbar support while seated for long hours so that you remain comfortable and relaxed during the long lab sessions.
  • Chilled Central Air-Conditioning keeps you cool an comfortable even the hottest summer months and labs are super-cool than ever before.
  • Dedicated Instructors are always present in order to solve your queries and assist you in assignment so that every minute of your learning adds value.