Starting a business with the Infouniv brand is a great business decision. Whether you are looking for providing full range of IT Training services or hit the market with select bundle of Infouniv offerings for a specific target group,InfoUniv brand is a fantastic investment option for entrepreneurs and institutions where you get true and real value from your infrastructure,investment,hardwork and time.InfoUniv business model is robust,scalable,and perfectly tailor made for local requirements of specific regional markets and over the last two decades have been time tested over the different market conditions.
Brand Infouniv is the most premium brand from the house of Research Software Solutions (P) Ltd and has been launched in the market in August 2000.The brand has provided high quality and high definition training services to thousands of individuals, Government organization, PSU’s, Fortune 500 Companies, select Corporates, Academic Institutions including Universities in India as well in abroad.The brand has tremendous visibility in the media space as well enjoys tremendous loyalty from individual students to corporates.
InfoUniv business model is unique, non-exclusive and well structured and full fills specific requirement of individuals with customized solutions depending on the business goals of a prospective business partner.The InfoUniv business model is based on two track :-
1. InfoUniv Authorised Training Center (ATC)
The InfoUniv ATC is a full service offering of the entire range of InfoUniv products & services, wherein a Business Partner has to have or develop an entire infrastructure as per InfoUniv’s standard terms and guidelines and agree to a business model developed by RSSPL.InfoUniv ATC Partners shall have the trademark logo usage rights, access to InfoUniv systems and manuals, quality control, resource center, marketing support and marketing and sales rights for both retail, individual, corporate and institutional markets. The InfoUniv ATC is fully loaded with high-end courses,industry relevant course contents, great support for India as well as International markets, HR & Placement support for individual students,strong advertisement,high quality and definition marketing collaterals and a terrific pricing taking into account local demands.
2. InfoUniv Institutional Training Partner (ITP)
The InfoUniv ITP is a tremendous and fulfilling business opportunity for academic and technical institutions who can use and drive home the advantage of using their existing infrastructure and resources and optimize their investment and add value by becoming an InfoUniv ITP Partner. The InfoUniv ITP Partner can start business operations by agreeing to the InfoUniv ITP Agreement and generate business from its own captive target group within the institution as well as from institutional training business from its location and other authorized catchment areas,if covered within the InfoUniv ITP Agreement. However the InfoUniv ITP Partner has limited marketing and sales rights and in no way an InfoUniv ITP Partner can source business from the individual,retail and corporate sector.
Support for InfoUniv Business Partner
  •  Provide the technical know-how and business model
  •  Provide manuals & systems for marketing, operations & technical domain.
  •  Usage rights of trademark logo throughout the contractual period of agreement.
  • Continuous support visits ( depending on Global Location and Plan and Visa/Immigration and Government Regulations ) for Technical, Marketing and Operations.Please view your country specific ITP/IATC Agreement for more details.
  • Access to Global Web Resource Center.
  • Free Telephonic Support ( upto 200 hours in India, SAARC 120 hours, South East Asia* excepting Hong Kong SAR 100 hours, Middle East & Africa 80 hours )*in a year, only in English language # Hong Kong SAR optional language option in Chinese. Charges shall be applicable beyond specified mentioned hours excepting Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines.
  • Pre-Launch,Inaugural and Post-Launch support.
  • Support in terms of Human Resource recruitment, training and InfoUniv Trainer & Sales Specialist Certification.
  • Invitation to attend Partner Conference.

To Know more about Infouniv ATC and InfoUniv ITP Partnership Programmes & Benefits please call :-

  • For Infouniv ATC ( In India ) : +91 98300 33377
  • For InfoUniv ITP ( In India ) : + 91 90071 36007/ +91 98300 23377
  • For InfoUniv ATC & ITP ( SAARC – Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, SriLanka, Maldives ) : +91 9831000606
  • For InfoUniv ATC & ITP : + 91 90517 10752 ( South East Asia excepting Hong Kong SAR )
  • For InfoUniv ATC & ITP ( Middle East & Africa ) – excepting Turkey,Syria : +91 98310 30100