ICP Courses

InfoUniv Certified Professional (ICP) courses are one of the most important component of InfoUniv’s training offering since 2001.ICP over the years have been an integral part of a students whollistic learning in a particular IT area and the same ICP Programme has been evolving on the industry’s specific requirement.
Before enrolling for ICP a student should understand what ICP is and the background of the ICP Programme. ICP is not a short- term course/learning specific course but a comprehensive industry oriented course that provides complete & elaborate knowledge into the candidates chosen path of specialization and while completing the programme the contents of the course shall be mapped for various global certification as applicable.ICP is a Career course ranging from 6-9 months as per the students time preference and is one of the most exhaustive and in-depth course which provides the student not only the skills for a job but a Career.

Advantage @ICP :
• Comprehensive career course specific to the present and future requirement of the industry

• Live Project with industry visits

• ICP Programme is one of most successful career courses in the market space and thousands of students have benefited from the ICP courses.ICP course is Infouniv’s most trusted career course over the years and it includes the most advanced, industry relevant and cutting edge technology as part of course curriculum.

• Select ICP Course content are mapped towards global vendor certification exams.

• Advantage of Dual Certification. On successful completion of the ICP course in your chosed track you get the powerful ICP industry certification from Infouniv and also have the option of attaining relevant global vendor certification of on the course content of ICP.

• Choose the specialization track of ICP as per your choice.ICP is now available in 3 tracks – ICP ( Software & Web Development ), ICP ( Enterprise Solutions ), ICP ( Networking & IMS Solutions ).

• ICP is ideal of BCA/MCA/BE’s/BTech for the ICSP track, B.Com/M.Com/BA/MA/ICWAI/ICAI/CS/BBA/MBA for the ICEP track and for anyone in any Graduation stream for the ICNP track.

• ICP programme has one Emerging Future knowledge module which is provided at the end of the course based on the specific and future job/industry requirement prevailing at that point of time.

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Infouniv was founded with the objective of providing Software, Networking and Training Solutions to students and corporates. The Software and Networking division operates under the brand name of InfOUniv GT solutions. InfOUniv is the premium brand for discerning and value based customers for training in high-end and technology solutions in Information Technology. Strategically designed for corporates and individuals interested for global vendor certification programmes.